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February 25, 2023 in Ames, Iowa

Connecting successful founders with

founders preparing to launch and scale.

We are devoted to providing a forum in which seasoned founders share what has -- and has not -- worked in building companies with-early stage founders and college students who are interested in launching their own companies.

The Young Entrepreneur Convention is the starting point for founders who want to learn about the ups and downs of starting a company.

Young Entrepreneur Convention Brings Together...


College students form the core of our attendees. Our programming is designed to provide actionable information and real-world motivation to help them on their founder journey.



We recognize that not all founders are students. This is why we welcome dreamers and builders of all stripes to join us for insight, motivation and networking.


Founding a company requires the backing of believers, including mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists. We actively work with these groups to ensure they have a presence at the convention.


We strategically invite successful founders as speakers and attendees to provide the audience with a real world examples of what it looks like to make it. In doing so we are facilitating our "founders helping founders" mission.

Young Entrepreneur Convention

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