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2021 Young Entrepreneur Convention Sponsor

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The Debbie and Jerry Ivy
College of Business

At the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business, we bring together world-class faculty, staff, programs, and facilities to deliver business education for a rapidly changing world.   

We prepare students for a future of progress — giving them the vision and skills to go out and make a difference in the world. We combine quality curriculum, internationally known faculty, and a welcoming atmosphere to create an unmatched business education, whether students are seeking degrees at the bachelor, master, or PhD level.  

For students seeking a professional master’s degree on campus, online, or a combination of both, we have a portfolio of programs to help them advance their career. Our part-time programs allow students to take advantage of online and evening classes at our downtown Des Moines location in Capital Square.  

We believe good communication is a skill that is learned with practice. To help our students develop this skill, we created the Ivy Communications Center with the intent to integrate communication instruction and practice throughout the student’s undergraduate experience both in and out of the classroom. It is a free service to support Ivy students.  

We don’t just educate our students. We help them get internships and jobs. Our Business Career Services staff, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, connect students and alumni with employers by providing programs, services, and outcome information. We continuously create partnerships to meet the needs of an evolving, global workforce. Our career coordinators are all located in the Gerdin Business Building, making it convenient for students to get the support they need.  

We also offer more than $1.25 million annually in student scholarships. As you can see, we go the extra mile to support our students.

We continuously evaluate our programs, innovate, and add new opportunities that fit current market demand and anticipate future business needs. Examples include the launch of an undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship, the first at a public university in Iowa, and PhD in entrepreneurship — only the eighth program in the nation. We also added undergraduate majors in actuarial science, business analytics, and minors in business analytics and business technology consulting. We also launched a professional sales certificate that is available to any Iowa State University student.   

We are a college on the move. 

We help our students explore the world of business in meaningful ways, both inside and outside of the classroom, including internships, classroom projects, and hands-on experiences. Our students have multiple opportunities to meet and learn from top leaders in business. Many choose to study abroad and expand their global understanding of business. 

At the Ivy College of Business, we are committed to offering a high-quality education in a way that prepares students for their real-world experiences. Our students explore their passion, identify their purpose, and pursue meaningful careers to impact the world of business around them. 




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