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Nancy Mwirotsi has dedicated her life to advocating for underrepresented individuals, including refugees, young women, and people of color. In 2014, her non-profit Pursuit of Innovation (Pi515) was born.


Today, seven years later, Nancy and Pi515 has seen over 100 students graduate high school and seek post-secondary education. This summer, she led a Digital Inclusion StateWide campaign that helped provide Free one-year wifi hotspots and basic digital literacy skills to over 300 Iowans. In 2020 Nancy was given the Nation of Neighbors award by Royal Neighbors of America. Following this, she was recognized by Entrepreneur and Philanthropist John Pappajohn and received significant funding for the future of Pi515 and Building the Tech Pipeline.


Nancy has received numerous recognitions for her work to increase opportunities for women, girls, and minorities in the tech industry such as participating in the White House Conference on Inclusive STEM Education for Youth of Color, being featured by the Technology Association of Iowa as a Catalyst and receiving the Iowa Educators award by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).



Young Entrepreneur Convention 2019