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The Importance of Networking for College Students

As we head into the final days leading to the 2019 Young Entrepreneur Convention, it’s time to brush up on our networking skills! Networking can be an intimidating idea for college students and young entrepreneurs, but it’s an essential part of sharing information, expanding your knowledge, and helping to take your ideas to the next level.

Here are 5 important reasons you should be excited about networking at #YEC19!

1. Make Connections with Others

We all know the old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” People from across the state of Iowa will be at YEC, and you never know who will have the information or the know-how that you’ve been looking for! Making connections with fellow entrepreneurs can be a great way to develop your professional network, and you could meet someone who has the right contacts to help you achieve your goals.

2. Get Advice for the Next Level

If you have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to take it to the next level, look no further than your fellow entrepreneurs! They may be able to point you toward a great resource so you can get the help you need, or they may have had a similar experience when they first started their business. Don’t forget to share your own expertise, too – you might know more than you think!

3. Gain Knowledge about the Startup World

Even if you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going, networking can be a great way to learn more about what’s happening in the startup world. If you’re interested in technology, you could learn about the newest trends from someone who’s an industry insider. You might even meet someone who’s developing an idea in a completely different area and combine their knowledge and yours to pursue a whole new idea.

4. Find Inspiration

Sometimes life as an entrepreneur can be hard, and you might need a little extra motivation to believe in your idea through the tough times. Networking can be a great way to talk with people who have “been there, done that” and gotten over their own obstacles they faced in their entrepreneurship journey. At YEC you’ll find lots of great stories and encouragement from other entrepreneurs who persevered, and talking with them one-on-one can give you the extra motivation you need to stick with your idea.

5. Explore Future Opportunities

Many of our participants at YEC have made connections and contacts with people who became their future business partners. Other attendees have found people who pointed them in the right direction and opened up life-changing opportunities – all because they were willing to get out of their comfort zone and connect with others. So get ready to get out of your comfort zone and network with fellow students and entrepreneurs at #YEC19!

#YEC19 is April 26-27 at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames. Tickets are $99 and available at!

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