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Our Approach to Speakers

Over the past 4 years, we've learned A LOT when it comes to having speakers at Young Entrepreneur Convention.

We've previously paid speakers large amounts, small amounts, and we've purchased books for attendees. But there have also been speakers who have only received honorariums to cover their travel and accommodation.

Looking back through our data from attendee surveys, our highest ranked speakers have been, in order,

1) Those we've only paid an honorarium to

2) Those we've purchased books from, for attendees

3) Those we've paid small amounts to

4) Those we've paid large amounts to

Why is this the case? We think practical advice comes from those who WANT to be there. These speakers are often still founders who are in the trenches, building their companies. They remember receiving help from many people along the way, with a give first attitude. If they reciprocate, the community and ecosystem wins.We all win.

Because of this value, we no longer pay speakers more than an honorarium.

If you're a founder who understands and appreciates a give first attitude, visit and submit your form. We're excited to begin accepting 2020 speaker applications.

Keep building!

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